Fabiola was born in Haiti on July 3rd, the youngest of seven children. "As a child art for me was as instinctive as breathing." She lived 6 years in Haiti before moving with her family to Boston. At age 18 she journeyed to San Francisco working independently as a self-thought painter while attending art school. In 2007 Fabiola receive her BFA in Fashion Design from The Art Institute of California in San Francisco.

"Painting is a major part of my existence, but Design moves me outside of what I consciously consider to be feminine. The technicalities challenge me to transition out of the mechanical ego mind and into a consciousness that offers the infinity needed to create. Once I've arrived I paint with fabric and use the beauty of the female form as a canvas."

Inspired by the bold, vibrant colors of her native land, she integrates personal experience creating her truth with various mediums. “Realizing that my path is my journey I am open to walking this path with talented individuals who reflect authenticity, passion and love for the utmost means of expression... life."

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